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Graphic design by Corinne Magin

Graphic design by Corinne Magin

BIG NEWS! I am so proud to share that Annex Theatre has commissioned a brand new play from me, and I have tricked the brilliant (master) director Erin Kraft to come home from Chicago and direct it. This will be my first full-length, non-reading, full production in Seattle since UNDO...that's not a children's play...okay, it seemed like a bigger deal before I started writing that sentence. 

It's called The Great Inconvenience and it's coming July, 2018. 


written by Holly Arsenault, directed by Erin Kraft
Summer Mainstage: July 27—August 18 Thur-Sat at 7:30 pm

A true story you’ve never heard about the catastrophic cruelty of deportation and the supernatural awesomeness of love. In 1755, a pregnant young woman and her family evade deportation by hiding in the deep woods of a remote island, where they survive for nine years. 250 years later, a pair of lovers, separated by war, attempts to reunite against the backdrop of a second deportation. Part historical drama, part futuristic dystopiana, and part romantic comedy, The Great Inconvenience is a mostly-imagined-but-partly-true love story about enemies and secrets and power and faith and survival.

Here is the official announcement. I have to go read things now. xoxox


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