24 Pictures of a Pilot

 24 Pics at BoxFest Detroit, August 2013

24 Pics at BoxFest Detroit, August 2013

10 minute
CAST: 1 man, 1 woman, 4 flexible

"A masterful example of a narrative's power to allure, betray, and seduce us." - From the preface to Manifesto Series, v.2

Through his front window, an agoraphobic man sees a beautiful woman drop a disposable camera, and decides to leave his apartment for the first time in two years in order to retrieve it. The journey across the street takes him somewhere unexpected.

24 Pictures of a Pilot premiered at Live Girls! Theater in Seattle, Washington in May, 2008. Director: Mike Lindgren. Cast: Lisa Confehr, Kelly Hyde, Eric Riedmann, Jonah Martin, Shermona Mitchell

BoxFest Detroit, August 2013, Directed by Sherrine Azab

FINALIST: Heideman Award, National 10-Minute Play Contest, Actors Theatre of Louisville

The full text of 24 Pictures of a Pilot is published in Rain City Projects' Manifesto v. 2, edited by Steven Dietz.